The Plymouth Fairness Commission want to help spread the word of World Mental Health Day and help to remove the stigma associated with mental health conditions. This year’s World Mental Health Day focuses on the mental health and wellbeing of older people.

Having had a select committee on the topic of Dementia and a satellite meeting with the Crownhill Memory Café, we understand the importance and the impact that removing the stigma can have. We heard that even friends, families and professionals find it difficult to talk to people with dementia, therefore leading to the feeling of isolation. People need to be better educated in how to deal with friends, family, neighbours and anyone else who may be coping with dementia, either to provide a helping hand, or just to have a conversation. This starts by removing the stigma that mental health issues carry with it.

An interesting statistic on the official website actually shows that many people aged 55 and over have greater life satisfaction than people aged 25-54. (Office of National Statistics, Measuring National Well-being, Personal Well-being in the UK, 2012/13).

On World Mental Health Day 2013 we want to celebrate the enormous potential that this phase can have in terms of enjoying a full and active later life, and maintaining a healthy social involvement in the community.

In order to do our bit, the Plymouth Fairness Commission will be holding a select committee on the topic of Mental Health. We will be talking to experts in the area who can talk to us about the issues of unfairness that people with mental health issues face in Plymouth. This meeting will be open for the public to attend and will be held at Harewood House on Monday 28 October, starting at 4pm. If you would like to submit any questions to the panel, just email info@plymouthfairnesscommission.co.uk.

Follow #worldmentalhealthday on Twitter for updates throughout the day.


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